I didn't make these films, I made the events the films are about.

Grand Tour: Opening 'Festival'



This was the very first thing anyone saw of the new venture from the Top Gear presenters and for me was a hybrid of all my previous experience.  An amazing team of people pulled together to make the biggest opening to the new series.  As well as organising the entire tour element of the Grand Tour, I produced the physical event that the opening became.  In this instance the content wasn't me, but the festival experience, the audience, the music and a whole load more was.

Top Gear Festival: Johannesburg 



This was the first of a new style of live event featuring a full programme of racing and stunts and celebrity drivers over 4 days at the Kyalami race track in South Africa.  There was a seperate stage show but I was responsible for everything that happened on the track.  The weather wasn't kind to us but when it was good the event was incredible.

Top Gear Festival: Barbados



This time out everything happened on the track in Barbados.  This video is of the race I put together between F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton and gymkhana star Ken Block and has been viewed over 11 million times but this was just one amazing item within an 8 hour show.  All of which I set up, scheduled, scripted, produced and then directed over two days in Barbados.