I love telling stories.  


Here are some reels, clips and trailers from just some of those stories.


All of which I've directed, lots of which I shot and edited too.





Tribute film to the RAF Tornado force featuring Tom Hardy for 'The Millies' on ITV




Petrol Age Clips


Sky Atlantic 4X60 Documentary series.

Series Director




Trail for 1 of 2 films I directed for Nazi Megastructures shown on More4, Nat Geo and PBS


Fightstar Video


Music Video shot as part of a series for The Gadget Show


Atlantic Wall


Trail for the second film I directed for the Nazi Megastructures drama doc series for More4, National Geographic and PBS




Dramatic Reconstruction and interviews for 'The Millies' on ITV



Dreams & Nightmares trailer

A trail for a new documentary I produced, filmed, directed and edited about the Kurdish struggle for freedom in Iraq and the hopes dreams and fears of a nation. 



Director Reel


My favourite bits from my favourite films, series and docs I directed

over the last couple of years for ITV, More4, Nat Geo, PBS, and more.


Previous Showreel


Taken from over 100 VT's worth of films, series and documentaries I directed or series directed, plus clips from a couple of the Top Gear Christmas Special's I produced.