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Whether its negotiating unprecedented access to remote parts of the world, taking an entire series from treatment to delivery, scripting and running a brand new motoring festival with A-list stars or being responsible for looking after some of the world’s biggest brands, I always maintain my sense of humour and my intense work ethic.

I have created everything from ob docs to stunts, drama documentaries to entertainment shows, history series, travel adventures and large-scale live events, festivals, stunt shows and global tours.


I have developed, pitched, scripted, produced, filmed and edited hundreds of hours of TV working with commissioners and channels to create and craft stories in most genres.


I have been instrumental in productions that have reached a global audience of hundreds of millions.


I like a challenge, I like making the impossible, I like going places and doing things that have never been done before and I like having fun while doing it.  


And I always deliver.





Check Out My Work

Over the last 19 years I have made some wonderful things, in some incredible places, all the while creating stylish and entertaining television and events.

Here are some films from along the way. 


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